Crispin The Cross Of Lead Character Analysis

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Avi’s book Crispin the Cross of Lead, is a historical fiction book filled with adventure and excitement. Crispin the Cross of Lead is about a boy who was born into poverty and goes through many hardships and trials with his companion to find his true identity. Through developing boldness, courage, and self-respect Crispin changes from a young helpless boy to a young capable man. Throughout the story, Crispin developed boldness through his many trials. One example of Crispin developing boldness throughout the story is a quote from the book “If you call the guards I’ll kill you.” (Avi 244) Crispin shows his boldness through what he says because he tells this to John Aycliffe with confidence and authority. Also Crispin attacked and pinned Aycliffe down and held a dagger to his neck. Another excellent example that shows Crispin developing his boldness is a scene…show more content…
On this page, Crispin is faced with a life threatening problem. He is surrounded by two armed soldiers, and the only weapon he has is a small dagger. Terrified and alone he had no choice other than to fight off his attackers. He struggled, but fought off both soldiers alone and saved himself. One last example of Crispin developing his boldness is found on pages 158-160. On these pages Crispin is in his room inside of the Green Man Inn. Crispin is told by Bear to stay in the room, but Crispin did not want to stay in the room. He felt bold enough that he could leave and go around Great Wexly by himself. So he snuck downstairs, opened the door, and off he went. Another trait that Crispin slowly developed throughout the story was courage. A great example that shows how Crispin developed courage was an event on page 232. On this
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