Courage And Strength In Beowulf's Hero

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When Herot was put under the darkness of its own devious monster, Beowulf, the bravest warrior of all, came to the rescue. Throughout this poem Beowulf exemplifies his courage and strength by risking his own life to protect the town from evil and to return happiness and joy to the land. With God and his warriors by his side, Beowulf shows that good always triumphs over evil. The strong, brave, and courageous Beowulf could not be trounced, for he had God’s love and good will in his heart. Beowulf and his comrades voyage across the sea, from Geatland, to the Danish shores, in quest of Hrothgar, king of Herot. He comes to offer his help in ridding of the beast, who is terrorizing the kingdom. The night of Beowulf’s arrival, the first attack…show more content…
He was older now, not as resilient, not as young and lively. Beowulf learned that a slave had went into the dragon lair to find treasure and stole a gem-covered goblet. The dragon was outraged that his treasure had been stolen and while searching for the thief, burned down most of Herot. He decided that he would rid of the dragon even if it were his last battle. Even though Beowulf was not his young self anymore, he did not lose his bravery. Beowulf said, “I have never known fear, as a youth, I fought in endless battles. I am old, now, but I will fight again, seek fame still, if the dragon hiding in his tower dares to face me” (623-629). This quote shows that Beowulf is very brave and will never give up a fight. Only wearing his armor and carrying his great sword Naegling, he calls the dragon for a challenge of battle. When the Dragon comes up from the earth’s floor all of Beowulf’s great comrades ran in fear, all except for Wiglaf. Beowulf strikes the Dragon in the head with his sword, but the sword breaks. The dragon gets a chance to bite Beowulf on the neck with his poisonous venom. Wiglaf runs to his rescue where he stabs the dragon in the stomach and the dragon returns the act with fire, scorching Wiglaf’s hand. Even though Beowulf was struggling, he pulls a knife and with every ounce of strength that he has left, stabs it into the dragon’s flank, killing the dragon. In the end Beowulf destroys evil once and for all. He was brave. Beowulf gave up his own life for his kingdom and would forever be Herot’s hero. He passed the kingdom to Wiglaf, his bravest comrade. His final words were directed to Wiglaf, and he spoke, “You’re the last of all our far-flung family. Fate has swept our race away, taken warriors in their strength and I led them to the death that was waiting. And now I follow them” (835-838). Wiglaf and the other comrades built Beowulf a tower so enormous that even the sailors passing by could see, just as
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