Courage Definition Essay

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Courage Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, and pain without fear, according to a dictionary definition. Everyday many people try to have courage and everyday most of these people don’t. Having courage can be very difficult. The answer to that problem is simple. People should not think about what would happen if they act upon courage, but to think about what would not happen if they don’t. Also, Courage can come in several different forms. Courage is a difficult thing to have. Most people try to have courage, but most people fail at acting courageously. Reasons why it can be hard for people to have courage is considering it means that you would want to face your fears,…show more content…
Some courage helps you to do simple, everyday affairs, other courage can help you to face your fears, and the rest of courage helps you to do extraordinary things. An example of having courage to do simple affairs would maybe be to stand up for the new kid even though it might not make you seem cool. Having courage to face your fears might be to conquer your Arachnophobia by squishing a spider or to conquer your fear of heights by skydiving. Having courage to run into a burning building and save a baby even at the cost of your life is a great example of having courage to do something extraordinary. One of my favorite examples of being courageous is the story of David and Goliath from the Bible. The story says that David was only a young shepherd boy who had no military training whatsoever and went up to Goliath, who was considered a giant of his time and the best Philistine warrior, with only five smooth pebbles and a sling. David also went up to the Philistine with the courage that God would help protect himself against Goliath. When David stopped, he confronted Goliath then slung one pebble at Goliath, sinking it deep into Goliath’s forehead, which knocked him out, and then he killed him and chopped off his head. This all happened just because David had courage and trusted in God. This story would be a good example of having courage to do extraordinary
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