Courage During The Holocaust

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The Holocaust is the murder of about six million Jews during 1933 and 1945. Many other people were able to help but instead, they were only bystanders that were afraid to risk their lives. Only few had the courage to take action and save the Jews. The Jews of Europe were mostly dead during 1945. “All were meant to suffer and die, with no reprieve, no hope, no possible amnesty, nor chance for alleviation”(Yad Vashem). Despite great risks, many people still have the courage to help during the massive murder of Jews. Chiune Sugihara, Irena Sendler, and Suzanne Spaak were heroes of the rescue of Jews during the Holocaust. How did they help in the rescue of Jews?
First, Chiune Sugihara was a hero for the saving of many Jews during the Holocaust.
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She lived in high standard living and the murder of Jews have nothing to do with her. “Tell me what to do… so I’ll know that I am serving in the struggle against Nazism”(The Righteous Among the Nations). Instead of living comfortably in her house, Suzanne Spaak chose leave her upper class home and save the Jewish children. She tried to find hospitals that would accept hiding Jewish children inside and she also hid some Jewish children in her house. Suzanne Spaak provided the Jewish children food, clothing, and shelter. Unfortunately, her secret actions were found by the Gestapo and she was arrested in 1943. She was murdered by the Germans on August 12, 1944. By the time she was murdered, she saved about sixty Jewish children. Even though the number of Jewish children she saved was not very many, but her willing to sacrifice and save the Jews are enough.
Even though saving the Jews is a very dangerous thing to do, some people still tries to help. Chiune Sugihara who helping by giving the Jews passports to leave, Irene Sendler who helped by hiding Jewish children’s real identities, and Spaak who helped by hiding Jewish children in safe places are all brave examples of people that sacrifices just to help the Jews. However, the majority of other people rathered being a
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