Courage, Fear, And Cowardice In Code Name

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Courage, Fear, and Cowardice

"F.E.A.R. has two meanings: forget everything and run or face everything and rise." (Zig Ziglar) Throughout time, under stressful circumstances, the human nature and willpower of a person is discovered. Fear exposes the two major types of people there are. In Code Name Verity the author develops the theme of courage, fear, and cowardice through the characters Queenie, Maddie, and Von Linden.

Maddie, to start off, is a prime example of one of the characters in the book who mostly chose courage over cowardice when faced with hardship. The setting of the book plays a major role in molding Maddie into the person she is. If it wouldn 't have been for the war Maddie would have most likely lived a simple life, possibly at the bike shop. However, because of Maddie 's skills, she is exactly the type of person the Allied forces have a high demand for in WWI. While Maddie is flying planes that are key to important secret missions, her mind wanders. She has a substantial amount of time to ponder her worst fears. To keep herself from allowing her fears to constrict her, Maddie tells herself repeatedly, "Fly the plane Maddie!" (#). This is a simple but great act of courage because she puts her personal concerns aside for the greater good. Nelson Mandela, a black socialist, once said, "I learned that
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No matter what occurs to a someone, the person in control can force the subject to do almost anything except one thing they can 't control, however, is the way the subject responds. In Code Name Verity the book develops the universal theme of how, when allowed, fear shapes people to portray either cowardice or courage to the characters of Maddie, Von Linden, and Julie through the tools of setting, foreshadowing, and
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