Courage In Beowulf

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In the story Beowulf he talks about being this hero and how he must defeat these demons and this dragon and save his kingdom. In the film Beowulf he is a young soldier who must take care of the kingdom who doesn’t actually kill one of the demons. One who takes responsibility for his actions and knows that what he had done was wrong and that he must fix it. Beowulf in the film doesn’t kill the demon or Grendal’s mother because he falls in love with her beauty and what she had told him. He then feels bad for killing her son Grendal and so he sleeps with her so she can give birth to another son who will also become a demon. When Grendal’s mother told Beowulf that if she gives him another son and leaves the golden cup there that he will become…show more content…
Beowulf does however own up to it and tells the queen that he must do this because he has brought this on his people. However in the story Beowulf also does it for his people but to him it’s more as fame than just saving his kingdom. Beowulf has the courage in both the film and the story but it takes a true hero to understand that it’s not always about becoming popular or for the fame of his people. He now must go and kill off this dragon for his kingdom to save his people because he had brought it on them. He must decide whether he wants to live or kill more of his people. Beowulf decides that he needs to do this for his people so he goes out and kills the dragon. Beowulf had died fighting which means that he will go to Valhalla and that is a place where you go if you have died in honor in combat. In the story of Beowulf he must die in honor so that he can go to Valhalla and he thinks that is more important than his own kingdom. However in the film of Beowulf he dies in honor for his kingdom for his people because he actually owned up to his responsibilities and owns up to his mistakes. Whereas in the story he just thinks that he has to kill this dragon so he can be popular and be known as a hero, but dying in honor is dying for your people not because you 're rich or because you want your name to be

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