Courage In Beowulf, Odysseus, And Achilles

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“Often, for undaunted courage, fate spares the man it has not already marked”, Beowulf. Beowulf is describing how people without courage are spared from the fighting. Courage is one of many traits that can describe an epic hero. Some other traits are the characters love for justice or the characters superior strength. All epic heroes share these similar traits. Beowulf, Odysseus, and Achilles are the epitome of epic heroism.
As an epic hero, Beowulf shows tremendous courage. He also shows his love for justice and his superior strength. When Grendel came to Herot, no man dared to fight him, because they knew they wouldn’t stand a chance. Unlike all these men Beowulf came to fight Grendel. Even after seeing the horrific acts of Grendel, eating men at night in the hall, Beowulf did not back down. He instead slaughtered the monster and kept its arm as a prize. Just as he courageously faced Grendel, Beowulf did not let Grendel’s mother frighten him. The first chance Beowulf got he leaped into Grendel’s mother 's lair. While in the lair, Beowulf got into a ferocious fight with the monster and he still came out alive.
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Beowulf went to Herot for his love of justice. He knew the Danes were in dire need of help, that is why Beowulf went to Herot. Beowulf demonstrates this when he’s insulted by Unferth. Instead of storming out or causing a huge scene he calmly tells Unferth of his great deeds. Beowulf did not let Unferth’s insults stop him from giving the Danes the justice they deserved. As well as calm and tranquil, Beowulf shows his anger and resentment to achieve his love of justice. After seeing one of his men eaten by Grendel, Beowulf fights furiously for the justice of his lost

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