Courage In Macbeth

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While both the main antagonist and protagonist of the play conveys courage, there are two minor characters who act courageously for the sake of their own motives. To begin with, Lady Macbeth is one of the most ruthless and ambitious characters in the play, being introduced as cold-hearted and cruel. She constantly reprimands Macbeth for being too remorseful or “cowardly”. Her desire to be queen is strong, which is why she asks the spirits to, “...unsex [her] here And fill [her], from the crown to the toe, top-full Of direst cruelty” (Shakespeare 1.5.44-46). Due to this quote, the readers are able to infer that she has to rely on the spirits or alcohol to prevent her compassionate side from overcoming her instincts. This demonstrates that Lady …show more content…

When Macduff arrives in England to ask Malcolm for assistance on war with Macbeth, Malcolm explains, “What [he] believe, [he’ll] wail; What know, believe, and what [he] can redress, As [he] shall find the time to friend [he] will” (Shakespeare 4.3.10-12). Malcolm expressed his passion for his country and his ability to stay true to what he believes in. This conducts the first sign of courage established by Malcolm in the entire play; testing Macduff’s loyalty to gain knowledge on his true intentions. Malcolm does not follow in his father’s footsteps to prevent the same fate upon him, revealing a new virtuous side of the character. This quote proves he will do anything to right what is wrong in the kingdom, which indicates not only character development but bravery as well, especially when he joins his army to fight against Macbeth in war. Recruiting Macduff for the battle against Macbeth ultimately corroborated as a smart idea, especially since he was the one that was able to defeat Macbeth at the end. Overall, Lady Macbeth and Malcolm, even as the secondary antagonist and protagonist, display important examples of courage for both good and

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