Courage In Mark Twain's Jasper Jones

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According to Mark Twain, "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear-not absence of fear.” Courage is what Charlie displays over and over in the book Jasper Jones. In the book Jasper Jones, Jasper and Charlie Bucktin find a dead girl in the forest and if anyone finds the body they will think it was Jasper. That is because Jasper is the town trouble maker. So now Charlie and Jasper must find the killer. Charlie showed courage because he did certain things that would make other kids cower, for example hiding a dead body, standing up to your mom, and stealing some of mad Jacks peaches. A way that Charlie shows courage is helping Jasper hide Laura’s dead body in the dam. "Then we watch her sink. It's messy and it's graceless... We have drowned…show more content…
"'No,' I say firmly. 'What did you say?' 'I said no'" (253). I'm the beginning of the book Charlie did everything that his mother told him to do. Charlie's mother is a controlling, using, backstabbing woman, she is constantly telling Charlie and his father what to do thinking that she is the queen of everyone and everything. But later, Charlie got more courageous and stood up to his mom. One night Charlie caught his mom having an affair and she told him that he was going to be in trouble for being out this late. But he stood his ground and told her that she was in the wrong not him. It takes courage to stand your ground, especially to your mom. But that isn't the only time Charlie stood up for himself. ‘“I said no. This is ridiculous. I'm exhausted. I'm not filling it back in”’ (104). In the end she left them to go and be spoiled by her parents in the city. But the real reason she left was because she lost her nasty grip on them. Lastly Charlie showed courage by stealing some of Mad Jack Lionel’s peaches. It is an act of pure courage. "'That was incredible. Holy shit! Holy shit! You should be dead'" (306)! The whole town thinks that Mad Jack is well mad, that he killed a young lady in cold blood and hasn't left his house ever since. So the rumors spread, changing a little every time someone told the tale.The reasooon that Charlie stole some of the peaches is because Warwick Trent, Charlie's
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