Courage In Mildred D. Taylor's Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Courage is something that everyone will encounter at some point in their life, when someone is being treated unfairly. Whether it is you being discriminated against, or someone around you, you'll have the challenge of facing courage. In Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, by Mildred D. Taylor, Cassie has to show courage when she is faced with discrimination because of her race being African-American. This book is based in the 1930s in Mississippi, when most whites treated blacks very badly. Cassie showed courage throughout the book when she stood up for Little Man on his first day of school, when she stood up to Mr. Barnett at the Mercantile, and whenever she fought Lillian Jean and made her apologize for being so mean. Would you be willing to get in trouble for your little brother or sister? Cassie had to show courage when she stood up for Little Man on his first day of school. It was Little Man's first day of school, and the teacher was giving out school books, that was the white school´s throwaways. On the inside of the book, there was a list that had the race of the student and the condition of the book when it was issued to the student. On the last line, it said ¨Race of student - nigra¨ and for the condition it had ¨very poor.¨ Little Man saw that and it made him upset. He asked his teacher for a new book because that one was dirty. She scolded him and Cassie pointed out the words on the inside of the book, and she got in trouble. On page 26, the book says ¨Holding the book up to her…show more content…
Barnett at the Mercantile, and fighting Lillian Jean were just some of the ways that Cassie proved her courage throughout the story. Cassie was young and outspoken, yet she made a huge difference for her family and the community around her. She showed a lot of people, either in a good way or bad, that her being black didn’t matter. Cassie had to face many challenges throughout the book, yet she overcame the challenges and proved her
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