Courage In Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief

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What is courage? Courage is not afraid of failure. Courage is admitting mistakes, learn from failure. Courage is stay away from fear, and dare to challenges. The most important of courage is have the courage to give up what you already have because only when you have the courage of letting go then you get the second chance of having it again. In both literature novel, courage effect all character choice in their life. In Percy Jackson, the lightning thief by Rick Riordan, young teenager must be facing the monster and trying to stop the war also save their friends mom life. They need courage to face all the life and death choice and they are all teenager, the pressure they have and the courage they need to fight to live or death. Also in Dracula by Bram Stoker courage also effects all character by as being a human they need to go after the undead and try to kill it for all humans good, the path they choice they must had loss something that most valued for them so they can keep going and same for the undead as well. Literature does an excellent job of showing how courage plays a vital role in facing both life and death.…show more content…
death does not mean die or the end of a life. It could be a start of a new life, because somebody sacrifice this may let the new born continues their life. The falling solitary leaf will be the new leaves nutrient. In Percy Jackson and the lightning thief by: Rick Riordan death for god is a joke because they are immortal but for human, for the half-bloods death seem it can happen at any second on anyone it could be a stranger, their friends, or the person they love. The god put all this half-bloods in dangers and all this young teenager have no choice but facing the dangers facing their death or their friend death. if they need courage to walk their path in life then they also need more courage to facing the unknow danger or the death that will show up in their
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