Courage In Qura's Short Story 'The Girl'

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What is courage? Courage is standing up for yourself and for others. It is exactly what Qurta shows in story, The Girl who was born with two arms and two legs, by Stuart Baum. “Courage is being scared to death, and saddling up anyway” this quote by John Wayne, I think is exactly what Quarta does. In the story Quarta is different than others but she is courageous when she has to stand up for herself and for other kids. This is courage.

Courage is standing up for yourself, and Quarta does. For this reason, when Jenna says“you are being mean and unfair.” Then Jenna's friends say” You start a sports league, with a brand new game, and only invite some of the students in the school? That’s unfair.” Quarta just laughs and says it has been open to all players, she just thought they didn't want to join. So after Quarta says that they are okay. This shows Quarta didn't back down, she stayed strong and said it was open to EVERYONE. That was how Quarta stands up for herself.
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Therefore, Quarta starts a sports league that anyone can play on even the kids who good sports people say can't play sports. In that case, she doesn't listen to the kids who say they can't play sports she stands up for the others. Quarta does have
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