Courage In Romeo And Juliet

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In the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare there are several characters who display their confidence. One character who shows the most courage is Benvolio. While some may say otherwise, it is clear that he displays courage in several different ways. Benvolio’s choice of occupation is an act of courage in itself. Because he is a peacemaker, Benvolio must come in between quarrels, which is very bold. Benvolio also displays characteristics of sincerity and, most importantly, honesty in the play, making him most courageous. Benvolio is one of the most courageous characters in the play because he is a peacemaker, making his main goal is to achieve universal peace which involves coming in between several feuds. In the beginning of the play,…show more content…
When the Prince asks for what occurred after Romeo had killed Tybalt, Benvolio spoke nothing but the truth saying, “Tybalt, here slain, whom Romeo's hand did slay. Romeo,that spoke him fair,bade him bethink how nice the quarrel was, and urged withal Your high displeasure. All this utterèd With gentle breath, calm look, knees humbly [...] This is the truth, or let Benvolio die.(3.1.161-180)” Of all the courageous actions Benvolio took, telling the truth is what influences Benvolio’s courage the most. He chose to tell the whole truth, knowing that there would be consequences taken against his cousin. This shows true courage and commitment to his cause for peace. Benvolio’s honesty is what makes him one of the most courageous characters of the play. While some may argue that Benvolio is not a courageous character, evidence from the play proves otherwise. Benvolio is one of the few characters who sticks to his moral values throughout the whole play. I believe that through his commitment to his morals, Benvolio becomes a very confident and courageous character. Benvolio’s prioritization to peace, sincere character, and truth all prove that he is one of the most courageous characters in the
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