Courage In The Canterbury Tales And The Pardon's Tale

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You may ask what is courage, courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. Medieval Literature is attempting to teach readers about the importance of one of these three major themes Pride, Loyalty, and Courage in early British. Because these are foundational themes for British society which is the basic foundation of the modern English society. In the epic Beowulf and one of The Canterbury Tales: The Pardon 's Tale, both of them fully expressed courage of the main characters, but in different ways, Beowulf is representing the positive way of courage, on another hand, The Pardon 's Tale is representing the negative way of encouraging. The courage of a true warrior comes from the complete fatalism of life and…show more content…
In The Pardoner’s Tale from Canterbury Tales, courage has been present as a bad thing to have. The Pardoner told a story about money is the root of evil, it could give people courage to do things against their morals. Three men who were decided to kill death, people were dying from the black death. "At once the three young rioters began To ran, and reached the tree, and there they found A pile of gold florins on the ground, Now-coined, eight bushels of them as them as they thought. No longer was it Death those fellows sought. For they were all so thrilled to see the sight, The florins were so beautiful and bright, That down they sat beside the precious pile." When they saw the gold coins, they decided to celebrate about this, the youngest one got the shortest grass, he needed to go buy food and alcohol. The other two decided to kill him on his return and split the money. The youngest man was afraid that the other two won 't give him the money, he bought one bottle of poison and put into other two bottles of wines, saved the third one without poison for himself. They killed him when he returned, after that they sat down and drunk the wines and died, then three of them found
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