Courage In The Film Pay It Forward

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Courage is the ability to face a fear, pain, or a difficult obstacle in life. Many individuals have great qualities, but not many have courage. Having courage can give you the ability to stand up for yourself and others. Another great ability that courage gives you is the ability to express yourself and what you think is wrong or right. Being courageous also makes you fearless which means you’ll accomplish any goals you have set for yourself. “Courage is often a measure of our self-esteem and will.” Real courage is having the ability to stand up for yourself and others. “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent.” (Acts 18:9b NIV) Having the courage to stand up for others lead to leadership qualities and encourages others to do the same. In the movie “Pay it Forward” this kids friend was always getting bullied and he was too afraid to stand up for his friend or himself and one day he had enough and he stood up for his friend and the kid stabbed him. Courage comes with risks, but it’s a risk you have to be willing to take. Stand up for yourself and not just others it shows integrity.…show more content…
“Moral courage is the courage to take action for moral reasons despite the risk of of adverse consequences”. If you don’t have the courage to do the right thing then you are wrong. Share your beliefs, but respect others beliefs and values. Real courage is knowing the difference between wrong and right, but respecting others opinions too. Real courage makes you fearless. A firefighter courageously runs into a burning building because he or she is protecting life and property. Part of his courage comes from his duty to his job and community, but most of it comes from a natural instinct. Police officers who are brave enough to try and stop a shooter, but get their lives taken away instead. Be fearless and be courageous, everyone has it within
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