Courage In The Novel 'Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry'

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Stacey By:Alanah Bible Courage is when you are brave and do what you think is right no matter what others think or say. In the novel, Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry by Mildred Taylor she uses Stacey Logan. He is a very brave boy who has come up with smart plans so he can stand up for what he believes in and his family. Even though Stacey faced many struggles the main ones were when he came up with the idea to break down the bus, he walked T.J home even though T.J. had been a terrible friend to the Logans, and Stacey stayed and watched what happen when the Wallaces went to the Averys to make sure nothing bad happened to him. Stacey 's actions proved that he was a very brave and smart boy, who loved his family and that he was willing to fight for the land and do whatever he could to help save it even willing to take consequences for it. Have you ever broke down a bus? Well Stacey came up with the idea to dig a ditch, then fill it with water so it would look like a puddle and when the bus drove into it then it would break down it ended up working and the white children had to walk until the bus was fixed. He did this so the bus would stop splashing him and his siblings. On the first day of school they got the Logan’s dirty so it was time for payback. One piece of evidence from the book is“All right” he said, “start digging.” (Taylor, 51) This shows that Stacey was telling his siblings to start digging so they could all get it finished before the bus got there. They showed
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