Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

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It’s all about understanding the deeper meaning of courage, it 's not the physical courage that plays a huge affect on someone, but the mental courage, which can change a personality.
The main character Jem, experiences many troubling and disturbing events which all relate to his father, Atticus Finch, because Atticus is defending a Negro in court by the name of Tom Robinson. The time period and setting of this book took during the 1930’s where Negroes were treated harshly in society, and were discriminated against only because of their skin color.
All throughout this historical fiction book, To Kill A Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, includes many literary devices such as characterization, internal conflict and lastly foreshadowing to develop
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To conclude, the character Jem is the book To Kill A Mockingbird is faced with many coming of age events which connect to the theme courage through the literary devices used such as Jem’s internal conflict, Mrs. Dubose’s characterization, and lastly the foreshadowing of Atticus 's trial to defend a Negro. Although Jem gets very upset with Mrs. Dubose, he continued to return to tend her camellias until they were grown back out. He discovered what courage is but by having to fight the mental pain in his head known as internal conflict in order to continue to Mrs. Dubose’s house but at this point hasn’t discovered what true courage was. Secondly, Jem is blind to Mrs. Dubose’s characterization, by not knowing her struggle and assuming she was just a mean old lady. By Jem not fulling understanding Mrs. Dubose’s internal conflict, caused for him to learn what real courage when Atticus explained to him she wanted to be true to herself and die free from the drug morphine. Jem lastly learns the theme courage from the literary device, foreshadowing, when Atticus explained to him how you should still pursue something with all your heart even when your “licked” from the start. Jem was finally revealed to the to the Theme courage from the pain of others including himself. Without his father Atticus, and the “mean old lady”, Jem would have never come face to face with the painful hard work known as courage, which they used to overcome their
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