Courage Of George Washington's Leadership And Courage

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American history illustrates the formation, development, and defeat of colonies. Throughout American history there have been many monumental leaders who have displayed outstanding leadership. These examples of leadership have led to victories, the expansion of colonies, and the creation of rights. Additionally, the histories of America’s battles have resulted in the freedoms that we experience today. George Washington was a significant figure in American history through his demonstrations of leadership and courage. Some examples of his leadership and courage are demonstrated through his involvement in the French and Indian War, the Battle of Trenton, and Valley Forge. George Washington’s first military experience began with the French and Indian War. His prestige is documented in a portrait as the Virginia Colonel, created in 1772. At the age of 21 George Washington was the General for the British…show more content…
The purpose of the journey was to take over the French stronghold Fort Duquesne. As they got closer to Fort Duquesne, General Braddock and his men were ambushed at the Battle of Monongahela. The ambush resulted in the death of General Braddock and approximately 465 British troops. In this brief moment of defeat, George Washington displayed great courage and leadership. He took charge and led the retreat to help get the British troops out of the ambush. During the retreat, George Washington had two horses shot from beneath him, and his coat had holes from four musket balls. George Washington remained calm and continued to command his troops. He was able to save many British soldiers and was praised as a hero. Following his demonstration of leadership and courage, Virginia Governor Robert Dinwiddie promoted Lieutenant Colonel George Washington to Colonel and gave him a command of 1200 Virginia Regiment (Ten facts,

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