Courage Quotes In The Princess Bride

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Courage is well processed throughout the novel “The Princess Bride”. “I love you”. Buttercup had fallen in love with the castle’s farm boy, Westley. When she confronted Westley about her love for him, he slammed the door right in her face. Heartbroken, she sprinted to her room and sobbed till every tear she had was no more. “I’ve come to say goodbye”. Westley was leaving for America to seek out a profession. As, he had to say his goodbyes to his special love one. “I love you”. Bursted out of Westley to Buttercup before they said their goodbyes. As they were leaving each other, they constantly were turning around to get finally glances. They fell into each other's arms. “Should we kill her now”. As Buttercup was becoming more well know, since
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