Courageous Personality In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In early January of 2017, my mom had called my school so that she could talk to me. She cried very hard when I talked to her while trying to tell me that she had gone to a different country and would come back soon. I could not figure out why she cried, it worried me, When I asked my dad, he just told me she would come back soon but would not tell me her reason for crying. When she came back, she seemed just fine and did not cry once, so I decided not to ask her about why she cried over the phone because I wanted to see her remain happy. A few weeks later my mom had come to speak to me and my sister about how our young cousin died and educated us on how we should feel really grateful we still live together and how we should take care of each other. At that moment, I thought about how many good qualities my mom had and the courage it took to say this in front of us, much like that of the character Atticus in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird. In To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee presents Atticus as a parent with good qualities and a courageous personality.
Atticus exhibits his courageous personality when he stands up for people regardless of their race or religion. He sticks up for Tom Robinson, a black man who portrays himself as a respectful person. Unfortunately
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Throughout the book, Atticus educates Jem and Scout when they deal with problems or are confused about the way people go about doing things. He also does many courageous acts in society in respect to each and every person in Maycomb whether or not they agree on certain things . Just like Atticus, My mom showed the qualities of a good parent and a courageous personality when she made us realize how grateful we should be in life. When people aspire to be a good parent or do courageous things for people, they should look at a good example like
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