Courageousness In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The people that you least expect to make a difference, could make a huge impact. Not many people stand up for themselves, so they get walked on most of the time. The book Of Mice and Men showed the importance of being courageous and sometimes having to draw the line, even if it could do harm to others. Lennie, Crooks, and George go through so much and show courageousness for standing up for themselves. Lennie may seem like a strong man with a sensitive personality, who has realized not to do physical harm to anyone. His line was crossed when Curley was hurting him, so he fought back for himself. Lennie squeezes Curley’s wrist for him to stop doing what he was doing. Lennie has a lot of strength, but he didn’t utilize that until Curley was making him a bloody mess. What Lennie did showed the had was courageous. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but had to stand up for himself because he was hurt. In today's society people could be very judgemental of a person having a mental disability. What Lennie did was to prove that people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Anyone could show courageous no matter how different people are from one another. Crooks is a man who showed courageousness in a different way, but still made an…show more content…
The book Of Mice and Men showed so many people showing courage in many different forms. Lennie showed his strength to fight back and not get walked on by Curley. Crooks spoke up to defend himself even though it was pretty risky. George did something that was morally and physically hard to do by shooting Lennie. In today’s society, people would have a hard time doing what Lennie, Crooks, and George did. In the 1930’s people had to be very cautious as to how to react to certain situations without any consequences. Showing courage comes in all different types of forms. Whether it’s physical, verbal, or moral, it’s never too late to show
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