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Issue #1: May the roommate be considered a keeper or harborer of the dog, when she cared for and lived with the dog that bit her finger, causing her to receive eight stitches? Issue #2: Was the roommate teasing, tormenting, or abusing the dog when she struck it with her shoe, right before the dog lunged at her shoe and mistakenly bit her finger, causing her to receive eight stitches? Brief Answer #1: Yes. It is likely that the roommate was a keeper or harborer of the dog. The roommate and the dog’s owner were college roommates both having control over their dorm room, which the dog inhabited. Their University’s policy prohibits animals in the dorms. If the roommate wanted to have the dog removed from the room, all she had to do was make the University aware of the dog’s presence. Also, the roommate demonstrates desired control of the dog, as she is upset when the dog doesn’t obey her. Additionally, the…show more content…
Coming back from winter break Rachel brought with her Harold, a poodle that her father gave her over break. Monica told Rachel that dogs were not allowed in the dorms at Barberton and Rachel responded insisting that Harold stay with them. She said that Harold wouldn’t even need to go outside, as he could go to the bathroom on newspapers in the corner. Monica did not like the idea of Harold staying, but said that if he was going to stay then, Rachel had to keep the room clean. Monica often had to kick Harold, to keep him off of her bed. Also, Monica was usually the one to change Harold’s papers, as she could not stand to live with the mess and Rachel often forgot to change the papers. However, Rachel did a good job ensuring that Harold was always fed and had water. As a benefit, Harold attracted other students to the room that Monica could befriend. Monica also enjoyed the absence of rodents in her room, as Harold often kept them
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