Courtesy In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Generosity, courtesy, chastity, chivalry and piety; the five virtues all the knights of king arthur's round table would plague to uphold. Yet, even Sir. Gawain, King Arthur's nephew, succumbed to temptations and broke his plague in Sir. Gawain and the Green Knight. After this transgression Gawain is heartbroken, but considering everything his has done in the course of the of the story, I believe that he is being too hard on himself. Courtesy is often associated with politeness and good manners. Throughout the story their are many instances of Mr. Gawain’s practices of these. For example when he meets the two noble woman, one young one old, in lines 941-950. Though these woman are clearly very different in appearance, Gawain still greets them…show more content…
Everyone seems to understands Gawain's mistake as he is forgiven rather easily after he makes this mistake while he is extremely shameful and even violent. For example in his first apology to The Green Knight from lines 2374-2388 Gawain’s self loathing tone can been seen in the words used, “curse,” “ruin,” “violently,” ‘false,” “unworthy,” ext. Yet the tone used when The Green Knight forgives him (lines 2390-2405) is nonchalant and almost playful. Lines 2404-2406 in particular, the Green Knight seems to be joking or jesting with Gawain. This juxtaposition to Gawain's serious tone can also been seen when he explains his wrong doing to the king arthur and the court (lines 2505-2512). Again he serious tone can be seen in the word choose, “scar,” “damages,” “misdeed,” “dishonesty,” ext, yet the court just laughs at him (lines 2513-2514). They even jest at him ignoring the moral of his tale (lines 2511-2512) and begin where belts like his (lines 2515-2521) Everyone around his forgives hims easily because, as discussed earlier humans will inevitably make mistakes. This vast difference between Gawain’s reactions and his fellow knights and kings reactions to his offence relieve that Gawain is being too hard on
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