Courtesy, Politeness Or Good Manners

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Courtesy, Politeness, or Good Manners, means kindly and thoughtful consideration for others. A celebrated writer has said that a boy who is Courteous and Pure is an honour to his Country. Brave and Noble men and women are always courteous. Three of the bravest and greatest men who ever lived – The Duke of Wellington, General Gordon and General Washington – were distinguished by their courteous behaviour. Courteous boys and girls will always be careful to observe the following RULES. TO THEMSELVES AT HOME Be honest, truthful and pure. Do not use bad language. Keep out of bad company. Keep your face and hands clean, and your clothes and boots, brushed and neat. Help your parents as much as you can, and do your best to please them. Be kind to your brothers and sisters. Do not be selfish, but share all your good things. AT SCHOOL Be respectful to your teachers, and help them as much as you can; their work is very difficult and trying. Observe the School rules. Do not ‘copy’ nor cheat in any way. Never let another be punished in mistake for yourself, this is cowardly and mean. AT PLAY IN THE STREET Do not cheat at games. Do not bully, only cowards do this. Be pleasant and not quarrelsome. Do not jeer at your schoolmates, or call them by names which they do not like. Salute all your Ministers, teachers and acquaintances when you meet them; they will salute you in return. Do not push nor run against people.
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