Courtroom Observation Paper

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The observation was actualized at his home. He came into his bedroom. There were some materials on the table such as felt-tip pens, a plastic spoon, two colouring books, an adhesive, some ropes, and play-dough. He sat on the table. He took the spoon, and tilted it on the table. Then he took the red felt-tip pen from its bag. He opened its cap, and attached it to the pen’ back. He used his three fingers (index, thumb, and middle), and started to colour the spoon. When he was colouring the stick of the spoon, he put his left hand’s index, thumb, and middle fingers on the spoon. He coloured from below the up. He finished the below part. He turned the spoon. He put his fingers on the below part, and started to colour head of the spoon. He finished the colouring.…show more content…
Then he moved the spoon on the left side of the table, and took play-dough. He made small circles. He took some play-dough on his palms, and rolled them. He made two small balls, and put them into the head of spoon. Then, he again took little play-dough into the right palm, and rolled them with his left point finger. He made two minor balls. He put them on the smaller balls, and he covered the spoon with ropes. Then he put away the spoon. He took the colouring book. He turned the pages. He saw a lion picture. He started to colour it. He chose brown felt-tip pen, and colour the end of the tail. When he was painting, his little sister came into the bedroom. She had a crème on his hands. The child took the crème, and he acted as he cannot open the cap of the crème. He did this joke for three times. Then, he gave the crème to his little sister, and she left the room. He continued to colour the lion. He asked for help from me. We coloured together. He closed each pens after he used, and put them into its
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