Cousin Adam Elliot Character Analysis

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When seeing the short film of “Cousin” by Adam Elliot’s for the first time I felt sad. I felt that there was a slow built up towards a sad ending. Adam Elliot’s focused on the various elements such as the coloring, diegetic narration and somewhat of a realistic character expression to create a sad feeling in which a viewer can relate too. In the film, “Cousin” by Elliots’s there multiple use of colors even though the colors were dull. It seems like Elliots goal was to build up sadness by using different color shades. For example, the cousin had a happy life in which the filmmaker used lighter shades of black and grey colors. He had a lot of happiness until his parents died, then Elliot’s decides to use darker shades of color. When the cousin…show more content…
The narrator gave a sad feeling overall when telling the story about his cousin life. For example, the narrator spoke in a sad tone almost throughout the entire film because he was talking about how his Cousin was suffering a lot. The narrator was describing the detail flaws such as the physical appearance and emotional issues of his cousin. The narrator voice felt that he pitied his cousin suffering. When the narrator talks about how his cousin was living in a foster home, then his world totally changed. Such as, they were not playing or hanging out together. He felt that nothing was the same anymore and he spoke was in saddening tone. The narrator felt that he lost someone that he loved by not knowing how his cousin looks like now. The filmmaker focused on the main character by having an almost realistic facial expression that can show the sadness of the film. While for “Cousin” Elliot’s, decided to focus on multiple body features. Elliot’s focused on the physical and the emotions of the cousin. He would focus on his disabilities and his emotional struggle such as his rage issue. Elliot decided to focus on the eyes and mouth by zooming in and out of the cousin face to show the depth of sadness of

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