Cover Girl Ad Analysis Essay

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The Cover Girl ad for 2009 a pictured design by Drew BarryMore on the background with her natural eye shadow it always and the girl with the long dark brown eyelashes and dirty blond hair and clear skin and with long earrings with a purple demanded at the end. This ad is trying to show us that women can feel beautiful with makeup and that there is no need to have other people look at their natural skin, they can express themselves through makeup, many teenage girl love doing their makeup because they feel prettier or they have a hug pimp on the forehead they feel like makeup is the answer. Cover Girl use women around the age of mid 2os in their advertisement’s so the women that are 20 won’t feel like they are getting older. The pathos of this…show more content…
However, the title across the women forehead is hug, bold and the bottom also has middle size front and bold but the front starts to get smaller by the time it talks about the actual product. I think this ad was create for people that don’t wear as much makeup like most people do so Cover Girl tried to keep it sample and natural, so when people that don’t like putting on makeup every day or dislike the fact that woman’s would like to wear makeup to feel good about themselves. Cover Girl wants to cover everything in one ad. Even though there is people that don’t wear makeup they end up going out and find the need to wear makeup on special occasions that where Cover Girl comes in handy they have natural look makeup everybody has since an ad from Cover Girl. Then this advertisement we meant for woman’s only so they like to make it shiny something bright to catch our attention Cover Girl plays it save when it comes to ads people knows what to expect from this products that’s why we always know that Cover Girl will work because of all the ads we have
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