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COVERAGE OF MALALA IN NEW YORK TIMES AND THE NATION Uneza Hamid M.Phil Mass Communication Allama Iqbal Open University Coverage of Malala in New York Times and The Nation Uneza Hamid M.Phil Mass Communication Allama Iqbal Open University Coverage of Malala in New York Times and The Nation Malala, the Pakistani teenager shot by the Taliban, has been in the limelight of national and international media for over three years. Malala had become famous for writing for BBC the endangered life the people of Swat had been living, particularly as Taliban had banned girls’ education and a rigid patriarchal social system prevailed in the region. At such a young age, Malala was being interviewed in print and electronic media creating an…show more content…
One bullet hit the left side of her forehead then went into her shoulder. She stayed unconscious and her situation critical. Later she was sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England. Updates regarding her improving health dominated the media content. Malala was celebrated in the world as the youngest social activist for female education. All sorts of awards were given to her including the Nobel Prize. Malala became a celebrity meeting with presidents and prime Ministers of many countries including the United States of America. Malala left some ambiguous thoughts in minds of many because Pakistan as nation had endured and strived against terrorism as no other nation did. Women were widowed; children were orphaned, displaced, and brutally killed. US drones and Taliban alike inculcated fear and took lives of Pakistani citizens. The media too mildly reported tragedies of Pakistanis yet the coverage of all those happening was unlike the coverage on Malala. This gives rise to questions to why Malala unlike other victims of terrorism in Pakistan received such thorough…show more content…
(Sarantakos, 2005, p. 30) The research topic is “Coverage of the Malala in New York Times and The Nation”. Content analysis is perceived to be most appropriate procedure to conduct this research. The research topic hypothesized that Malala will receive great coverage in both newspapers. And that Malala will receive more positive frames in New York Times as compared to The Nation. How to test Hypothesis The researcher will conduct a content analysis of editorial page content of New York Times and The Nation. Chi-Square, ANNOVA, and tTest will be used for analyzing date and showing relationship among variables of the study at hand. Content Analysis The researcher will conduct qualitative content analysis of the coverage on Malala in the selected media. The research will include all articles and stories published ever since the attack on October 9th, 2012 to March 2015. Berelson defined content analysis as research technique for the objective, systematic and quatitative description of the manifest content of communication. (Berelson,

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