Covergirl Awareness

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Covergirl Awareness
Magazine advertisements have always claimed to help their customers to make them more beautiful in various aspects of life. However, the endorsements always seem to tell white lies in their products, that subtly imply that the buyers need their product to live a better life. Covergirl is a universal makeup line that uses strategic tactics, particularly using celebrities to endorse their products, or to guarantee unrealistic results, such as flawless complexions. The brand tries to capture the attention of women, predominantly the women from ages twelve to twenty-five who are interested in makeup and want flawless skin. Katy Perry partnered with Covergirl to sell a makeup product, named the “Covergirl Outlast All-Day Concealer.” Using the singer,
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I transformed the ad to feature a male makeup model because it is something that it out of the norm, and looked down upon by a great amount of people who disagree with men looking feminine. There is absolutely no reason why it is unacceptable for men to wear makeup when it is accepted and occasionally encouraged for women. Covergirl supports this gender inequality by constantly promoting only women to advertise their products opposed to men endorsing it. Their product can just as easily be endorsed by men than it can women. Additionally, perhaps the concealer would have received further attention if a male model was advertising it because it would demonstrate the brand’s diversity in comparison to other companies and the support Covergirl has for gender equality which would be appreciated by many makeup lovers, urging them to buy the makeup. It is quite evident that Covergirl’s unrevealed messages disclose much about what the company values in regards to their beliefs on gender equality, natural beauty, and using lies to make more profit. Realizing the reality of advertisements, it is important to be aware of easily media can persuade and disguise the truth, and how quickly we, as

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