Covergirl Rhetorical Analysis

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wless on the red carpet. This establishes credibility with women. Ethos is not the only rhetoric strategy used by CoverGirl. Another rhetorical strategy used by CoverGirl in their ad campaign is logos. The ideology that CoverGirl is trying to sell is that women should be perfect and pretty at all times. Ellen’s commercial pokes fun at women who are aging and encourages them to try to cover the wrinkles with their product. Her message is introduced with humor, but it appeals to a person’s fears. No woman wants to be laughed at or called “wrinkle face”(Ellen). They do not want to be insulted like Ellen joked, so they should use the product to prevent it. Ellen and Sofia’s commercial uses humor to sell their product. Queen Latifah tells her audience that they can save time and money by using the product she is advertising because it can save them time and money (Queen). They also use the tagine “Department store beautiful for less” (Drew). They are trying to convince the audience to buy the product by saying that it is just as good as department store brands, and it is cheaper than the department store brand. It is good quality makeup for less. Why would anyone go spend more money on a product if they can get the same product for less? This appeals to logic. But, this is not the only strategy used by CoverGirl.…show more content…
Cover girl uses the ideology that women should look beautiful at all times. They use different celebrities to target different audiences to diversify their customer base. Companies use these techniques in their multimillion-dollar advertisement campaigns. Every business wants to sell the audience on why the audience should buy their product. What better way to do that than to use celebrities with influence over the public to help do
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