Covert Approach In Teaching Grammar

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The grammar debate has been around for decades. In the article of ‘Enhancing Competency in English’, Shah has explained about the advantages and disadvantages of both covert approach and overt approach in a very precise and thorough way. On the other hand, Wilson, in ‘Testing the Covert Method of Grammar Teaching’, advocated the usage of covert approach in teaching grammar by conducting a survey on learners’ interest. In ‘To Grammar or Not to Grammar’, Weaver, McNally and Moerman have discussed about the methods and stages in implementing the application of approaches. In addition, the article of ‘Teaching Grammar in Context’ by Mart advocated the notion of using context-based grammar in teaching grammar effectively.
Approaches in the Teaching
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Mart proposed that ‘Comprehensibility’ and ‘Acceptability’ are the main purposes of teaching grammar. In this case, comprehensibility is emphasizing on the fluency of the language, which is the ability to deliver messages to another party. On the other hand, acceptability refers to the accuracy of using English Language is highlighting the societal view towards English users with different levels of proficiency. From this, it could be seen that Mart did not only put his focus of the academic usage of grammar but also discuss the importance of grammar based on societal aspects. Furthermore, Mark also quoted a criticism on the usage of traditional method, which is Present, Practice and Produce (PPP), failed to educate learners on the application of grammar in communication. In the article, Mark emphasized that teaching grammar in context is able to show learners how grammatical structures function in English Language. However, Mart neglected one of the most significant principles to teach grammar in context, which is how could teacher decide when to integrate which component of grammar in context. Chin (2000) stated that one of the most essential key to teach grammar in context is to be sensitive to individual students ' readiness in learning and applying grammatical concepts. Hence, spotlight should be also put on the control measures of teacher in integrating grammar in context. Meanwhile, Weave, McNally, & Moerman (2001) of ‘To Grammar or Not to Grammar’ have proved the rigidity on the concept of teaching grammar in context through conducting their lesson using different approaches. Furthermore, the relationship of ideas generation and grammar has been explained through examples. The examples mentioned in the article are mostly incorporating grammar with context and conducted covertly. For example, learners are required to complete a writing task without any

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