Cowardness In Julius Caesar

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“Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste death but once.” Julius Caesar said this when he was talking about cowardness. Brutus had the choice to join the conspiracy or not. Here are a few reasons why. First, the people of Rome could see Brutus differently. Second, Brutus is still apart of the government he loves so dearly. Lastly, what if Caesar made Rome even stronger than it was at the time? Caesar is loved by the people more than anyone in Rome. So if Brutus kills Caesar, the way people will think about him my change. Brutus thinks that the people will join his side when he kills caesar, but what if the people think he is a murderer. Second, Brutus is fighting for what he thinks is “right”, but the people of Rome may not think that is the “right” thing to do and the people turn on him. All of this could ruin Brutus’s reputation and could possibly get him killed. Even if he does get away with it his peers and the people of Rome may think he wants to be king and not Caesar since he does look like he is leading the conspiracy. Brutus’s reputation and the way he is looked at may change in a negative way in many people's eyes. Brutus is a man of morals, but he is still apart of Rome's government. Brutus is a senator that believes in…show more content…
Brutus said all the reasons why this would end up bad for Rome, but Brutus never actually gave any consideration to the side that Caesar would be great for Rome. As Antony said in Act III Caesar made Rome wealthier. Brutus didn’t consider that Caesar could also expand the empire in size as well. Rome was already a greatly expanded empire, so Caesar with his amazing military leadership skills could have expanded it even more which also could have made them even more wealthy than they already were too. Brutus never considered any thought of Caesar being king positively which could have avoided this conspiracy killing all
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