Cowbird Research Paper

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Small birds called brown-headed cowbirds are found all through the North American grasslands and also along the edges of forests. The birds depend on grazing animals to find insects and seeds for their food. The food is then digested and used for energy.
The female brown-headed cowbird will lay her eggs in the nest of another bird if she sees eggs in that nest. She will usually choose a nest with eggs that are smaller than hers. Then the brown-headed cowbird hatchling will be raised by the other bird. The brown-headed cowbird hatchling grows more quickly and is larger than the other hatchlings in the nest.
Since the yellow warbler lives near forests, builds its nest in trees and thick brush, and eats insects and fruit, its nest is often the place brown-headed cowbirds lay their eggs .
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the cowbird is not related to the mother of the other hatchlings.
B. the cowbird hatched before the other hatchlings.
C. birds do not inherit physical features.
D. physical appearances are learned behaviors.
• IF trees were removed from the habitat of the yellow warbler, what would most likely happen to the population of the the brown-headed cowbird?
A. It would increase because of increased competition with other birds.
B. It would increase because of a decreased number of insects
C. It would decrease because of an increased seed supply
D. It would decrease because of decreased nesting area
• Seeds and insects are eaten by the brown-headed cowbird for food. The food is then:
A. Changed to sugar by the energy of the

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