Cowboy Culture In Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain

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Two boys kissing! Eww right? Reactions like these are one of the most controversial concerns in our society, especially when it comes to cowboy culture. American cowboy’s social construction won’t accept nor tolerate such concept, mainly because of their ultra-masculine type ways. In the book Brokeback Mountain, Annie Proulx challenges the view of normal cowboy culture with the two main characters, Jack and Ennis. Although Jack and Ennis see themselves and appear to be normal cowboys, Proulx describes them as your not so typical cowboys. She uses their yearn for each other as a way to deconstruct that image society has on cowboy culture by having them fall in love. Normal American cowboys are seen as badass, rough talking, dirty, strong, hard working men. Starting from a young age, they are taught to take care of their families by working in farms, herding animals, riding horses, and to be the head of household. The…show more content…
Cowboys normally stick to their social construction and will not dare to change it. Living by the standards they were taught as young boys, being different automatically sets them apart. American cowboys get their image from films and shows, which influence their cultural traits. Consider the show of the 1950’s “Gun Smoke” for example, it takes place during the American western era, it includes good cowboys generally going after bad guys with their horses, guns, and beautiful women surrounding them. Not only do these good cowboys show their heroic act of kindness, but also giving spotlight on the perspective of typical American cowboy. As a result, normal cowboy culture’s main identity is based on what society puts in front of them forming their idea of social construction. In Brokeback Mountain Both Ennis and Jack seem to fit that normal cowboy look but, Proulx gives a twist to their masculine look. Despite the fact

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