Cowboys Don T Cry Analysis

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“Don’t take what you have for granted” is the main message in the book Cowboys don’t cry. The novel was written by Marilyn Halvorson, and was published first in 1984. Throughout the novel, it is proven that Shane, the main character, does, in fact, ignore his father’s efforts to improve their lifestyle. Shane does that because he’s afraid of trusting his dad to change for the better and then getting hurt. Both Casey and Jeff, two very good friends to Shane, tell him that he expects too much of people and they tell him to go easy on his father. The thing that makes Shane truly realize how much he needs his dad is when his father is badly injured at a rodeo. Shane should have realised earlier that his father is not going to be there forever and he should enjoy the moments that they will share together, instead of ignoring both the fact that his father will not be there one day and the insurmountable value of the time they spend together. The first example that Shane takes his father for granted is when he and Casey are talking about his dad and Casey tells him “You expect too much from people, sometimes, Shane.” (Halvorson, page 92.) That example supports the thesis because Casey is helping Shane acknowledge that he…show more content…
Don’t let him be dead! Not now. Not now that I know how much I need him.” (Halvorson, page 137.) That is Shane thinking that he is going to lose his father when his father got injured in the rodeo arena. The quote supports the thesis because it shows that Shane has learned to appreciate his father, and has learned to be grateful for every sacrifice his father made for him. It also proves that Shane had ignored the sacrifices his dad made, and he is not only recognizing the sacrifices, but his love and care for his dad. Shane realizes that he’s been making a mistake the whole time by taking his father for granted and he knows now to be thankful for everything that he gets. Now that he knows, he’s afraid he’s going to lose his dad
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