Cowboys Herding Cattle

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Once the cattle were rounded up, the Cowboys began the long Cattle Drive which were to get the cattle and put them into herds and take the cattle to a railroad that would, from there, transport them to eastern markets. To get to the railroads, the Cowboys took the Chisolm Trail which was a cattle trail that began in San Antonio Texas, traveling north, through Fort Worth and ended in Kansas along the trail lines. The Chisolm Trail was used by the Indians for hunting and attacks, therefore the Cowboys and their herds of cattle had many encounters with the Indians. In 1865, Cattle Drives began; Cowboys, on horseback, moved herds of cattle from one place to another, In the process of herding cattle, the Cowboys faced many challenges. As a Cowboy,…show more content…
The trail boss would select a cow that was above the other cattle, to lead the herd. The cattle would be left, in the morning, to graze upon pastures and then migrated along Chisolm Trail. The Cowboys led them in preparation for the Cattle Drive. Cowboys led the cattle down the trail; there were swing riders; who would be about one-third of the way back in the herd. There was also flank riders; they were about two-thirds of the way back, in the herd. The swing riders and the flank riders kept the herd of cattle in line. The tail riders traveled behind the herd and as a Cowboy this was the least desired job; they kept the cattle that would veer off; moving in the right direction. Cowboys were a very diverse group and they were extremely tough. Their job was the same every day and they got very little sleep. They were put in very dangerous situations that kept their lives on the line. Every day they had to wake up, knowing that they could possibly get trapped in a stampede or be dragged by a horse. They faced many dangers as well as disease because they have to encounter trotting through cattle feces all day, every
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