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Cowden syndrome is a disease that increases the risk of getting multiple different types of cancers. It is passed down through heredity and can be life threatening. Cowden syndrome can be treated by decreasing symptoms and living a healthy lifestyle. People with this disorder should be tested more often and possibly take medication to reduce symptoms. It is a negative mutation because it decreases the chance of an organism’s survival. First, Cowden syndrome is named after Rachel Cowden who was originally diagnosed in 1963. This disease increases a person’s risk of obtaining multiple different types of cancers. Breast, Thyroid, and Endometrial cancer are the most common types. Cowden syndrome is passed down through heredity mutations. Theses mutations usually occur in the phosphatase and tensin gene where cancers form. The PTEN gene is…show more content…
Gene sequencing Major, and minor criteria is also used for diagnosis. This criteria determines and categorizes the type of symptoms a person has. Cowden syndrome can’t be cured, but can be treated by preventing symptoms and complications. Living a healthier lifestyle can also relieve symptoms. Taking medication may be required according to the needs and effects of the disorder. An unhealthier lifestyle may worsen one’s condition and make it harder to live with. Lastly, people who live with Cowden Syndrome are usually required to get tested more often to make sure the disease is not worsening. Screenings are also beneficial to know if cancer is developing. An estimated 1 in 200,000 people get Cowden Syndrome in their life. It most always appears in females around the age of 20. Men rarely get Cowden Syndrome because breast cancer is one of the main results. This disease would be classified as negative because it decreases an organism’s chance of survival. The increased the risk of developing cancer is harmful and can take away the ability to

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