Even Cowgirls Bleed Game Analysis

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Typically a video game consists of the main character trying to fulfill some sort of purpose, at least in most AAA games. Action packed, male-driven, overly sexualized women is one type of games which most companies publish. This brand of games, AAA games such as GTA 5 and Temple Run contradicts indie games such as Papers, please and Even Cowgirls Bleed. Furthermore, their representations of the typical gender stereotypes are quite different as well. “Female characters rarely appear, and that when they do, they are mostly in a submissive, secondary role” (Jansz & Martis 2007). Even Cowgirls Bleed is an exceptionally game published in 2013 by Christine Love using Twine. Twine is a platform originally created for lay users to create video…show more content…
The colour scheme, if its 2D or 3D, the graphics, all contribute to a player’s impression of the game. Even Cowgirls Bleed consists of a simple design principle which is based on mainly colour and its text. The colour of the whole layout is a gradient from a light orange to a darker shade. Furthermore, the text is pixilated with great clarity, each line is defined well. Other than the text, there are no other graphics except for the cursor. The cursor itself is a moving crosshair and you move the cursor on the words that are red. Once placed over the red text, the gunshot goes off and the next set of text moves up. The representation of a gun, but not actually illustrating the gun itself and using elements that relate to a gun like the sound effect of a gun and red (signifying blood) is a smart tactic that Christine Love uses. The design of this game is misleading in terms of representation. If it wasn't for the pronouns used in the game, the game would be ideal for a male’s perspective. Thus, there are no feminine elements to indicate that this is in fact depicted in a female perspective. Temple Run is a motion themed game which is essentially concerned about a man running away from demon-like creatures while collecting coins and overcoming physical barriers. The scenes are very saturated in colour and its attention to detail in design results in Temple Run to be very realistic. There is a common hue of gold within the game, like for an instant with the tree, there are hues of gold as well as the colour of the bridge is goldy. Lastly, of course, the gold coins itself are gold coloured. The fact that we, as players don't see the face clearly, but can identify the character as male is interesting. The hat, the clothes, the bag, even the hairstyle, and hair colour lead the player to assume that the character is a male. When this game was released in 2011, there were still some stereotypes of how females should
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