Coyote Research Paper

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Some pets are good, Bad, It just depends how the pets get along. All pets may be a bad choice, like pitbull and bulldog and other types of bad dogs. Coyotes are dangerous, Big, Not safe pet, because they could kill you. I would not get a coyote as a pet, because of coyote’s danger, They could attack us humans and kill us. I would suggest, Don’t ever go near a coyote because it is very dangerous. I would not even get a pet coyote because they are so hard to deal with if you have coyote pet. To be honest, Don’t ever get a coyote as a pet. I’m being serious! They are so dangerous. Coyotes are dangerous!! I have many reasons why I won’t get coyote as pet because they could hurt you and you could get rabies. Don’t get coyote as pet!!

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