Coyote Steals Fire Story

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A spider that can capture a leopard, python, and other beasts, and a Coyote that can defeat the powerful Thunder? These come from two trickster tales called, “How Stories Came to Earth” and, “Coyote Steals Fire.” A trickster tale is a story featuring a protagonist, who is often an anthropomorphized animal that has magical powers and is characterized as a compendium of opposites. In the story, “How Stories Came to Earth,” there is a spider who must capture four creatures so he can get the sky god 's stories. In, “Coyote Steals Fire,” there is a Coyote, who must defeat the powerful Thunder who has all of the fire to himself, so that the Coyote can get the fire for all the animals. They have similarities and differences in who the tricksters are,…show more content…
The first difference would be the trickster, in the story “How Stories Came to Earth” there 's a spider, we know this when the narrator says, “It was long ago in Africa, child, when there was First Spider, Kwaku Anansi,” however in the story, “Coyote Steals Fire,” the trickster is a coyote. Next, though some of the ways that the tricksters show anthropomorphism are similar they also have different ways to show anthropomorphism. In “How Stories Came to Earth,” the spider being the trickster, has a wife, he goes to her for help to capture the four creatures, the spider says, “He first asked his wife, Aso, how he might capture Ononi,”, but in,“Coyote Steals Fire,” the coyote shows anthropomorphism by cheating, and playing games. Also, the things that the tricksters have to go through to get what they want are different. In “How Stories Came to Earth” the spider is offered a deal in return for the stories that he wants, but for the coyote in,“Coyote Steals Fire,” it was not that easy, the coyote had to risk his life to get the fire for the animals around him. Last, the ways that the fire and stories benefit the culture. The stories benefit culture by providing entertainment and ways of life to future generations, but the fire benefits culture by providing warmth and a source of heat for the animals in the culture. The differences in the two trickster tales are
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