Coyote Steals Fire Summary

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Similarities And Differences Of two trickster tales Imagine trichsters, cheated games of dice, a thunder god, stolen fire, and anthropomorphic animals. These statements are from the trickster story “Coyote steals fire”. A coyote gambles his life for fire and he cheated to win, but his uncle broke fire and all the little creatures took little pieces of fire and took them all around the world and to other tribes. “How stories came to earth” and “Coyote steals fire” have both similarities and differences. There are several similarities between the two trickster stories: “How stories came to earth” and “Coyote steals fire.” The two tales both used Anthropomorphism. Anthropomorphism is when people give animals human characteristics. Both the Spider: Anansi and Coyote could talk and walk as well as anansi had a wife named Aso. Both tricksters had a goal. Each…show more content…
The tricksters achieved their goals in different ways. Anansi had to capture animals and as well did it truthfully while coyote was gambling his life for fire and he cheated by stealing the counting sticks from his uncle. Both trickster stories had different animals. Anansi was a spider and spiders in Africa when they spun their webs it was like they were telling stories and coyote was a coyote and coyotes were smart and cunning and were beloved in certain tribes. Each trickster story treated women differently. In “How stories came to earth” they were treated equal but in “Coyote steals fire” men were considered better because when coyote and thunder were playing dice the woodchuck teeth (mens) were considered two points and the beaver teeth (female) were only considered one. How the tricksters achieved their goals was different as well. Anansi had to gather four animals truthfully, and at the risk of his life coyote cheated in the game of dice with his uncle, and almost gotten his life taken for
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