Coyote Summary

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These are the issues and topics I feel we should discuss and debate: 1. The thesis of the book makes no sense. According to Blyth, he mentions that his work focuses on the violence between the relations and the exchange of border communities (4). He says the violence between the Chiricahua and the Janos, but it is not explicit what makes the Janos different from the Hispanic communities where the Chiricahua carried out acts of war. If the issue is violence, then it eliminates peace and neutrality as valid strategies that motivate transculturation. 2. The author uses sexually explicit passages from the Coyote tales. I think the details of the tales are unnecessary to make an argument and this makes the book unsuitable for the reader. On page 54, Blyth mentions one story of Coyote where Coyote wanted to make love to a beautiful woman, but he could not make love to her because she had teeth in her vagina (if you read this part then you already know how it ends). I understand that these are the tales of Coyote, but I think it is unnecessary to use so many sexually details. I cannot deny that reading this caused me to laugh for more than two days. 3. The author repeats words many times. In the last paragraph of page seven…show more content…
I did not understand what I read. I am not sure if it was a history book or a book about the issues on the border of U.S.-Mexico. In my point of view, the conclusion was terrible. I think the end has nothing to do with this thesis (I did not understand his argument either). Blyth talked about the natives who were located in the Southwest, and then he ends with a conclusion about the problems of the borders today. Now I understand why in the preface he made a disclaimer where he cites Title 5, Code of Federal regulations. I agree when at the end of the book he mentions "we will find communities of violence in Borderlands yesterday, today and tomorrow ', but it is impossible to compare today 's violence with the violence committed two hundred years
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