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Throughout my first semester at the University of South Alabama I have learned many things that have already affected my college life. CP 101 has affected my major selection, study habits, and career goals. When I first applied to the University of South Alabama I was a Pre-Physical Therapy major. This class has made me think about the career path that I want to pursue. In class we talked about the number of times that a person will change majors. At first I came into college thinking that I would never change my major but after I did a lot of thinking I decided that Pre-Physical Therapy was not the major for me. I later changed my major to Exercise Science. I also want to double major and major in Health Education. Since I have a passion for working with children and helping others I believe that I want to one day become a teacher.
CP 101 is a class that all freshmen should be required to take. This class was very informal and I
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Through this class I learned about Focus2. Focus2 is a self-paced, on-line career and educational planning tool that I can use to assist me in making important decisions like choosing an academic major or career. The VARK (Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic) on-line questionnaire is designed to help me discover and explore career options and major areas of study that match my interests, personality, values and skills. There are four different learning styles Visual learners, Aural learners, Read/Write learners, and Kinesthetic leaners. After I took the VARK Questionnaire, I received my results for each section. I scored the most points in being a Visual learner. My VARK scores have shown me that there are many ways that I can take in information and put out information. Since I am a visual learner there are four different strategies that I could use to help improve my study habits such as using index cards, using highlighters, doing examples on my own, and studying with

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