Cpr Unit Analysis

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In the CPR unit, I learned that CPR can save one’s life by following the exact steps. First, one has to shout to the other if he/she is okay. If they do not get a signal back, they have to call 911 as soon as possible and direct someone to get the AED or the automated external defibrillator which checks the heart rate and sends electrical shocks to the heart in order to try restore the heart rate. Before the ambulance and the AED arrives, one has to take off any clothes that are blocking the chest area. For women, the undergarment has to be taken off as well in order to have an effective CPR. After any clothes are removed from the chest area, one has to grip to hands on top of one another, put it under the chest bone, and start pressing down, approximately two inches in depth. One has to repeat the pressure for 100 times a minute as hard and fast as they can until the AED arrives. After the AED arrives, one has to follow the specific directions that is written in the AED box. Then one has to have stick on two adhesive pads…show more content…
Oliveira 's class and was able to have a fantastic time the past few weeks. Since I knew how to swim freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, it was easy to swim ten laps and on because I used to take swim lessons until I was in sixth grade. From swimming in the pool everyday on the weekdays, I began to remember all the steps and advice my coach gave me which helped me to swim better every day during the unit. Adding on, I also learned the skill how to collaborate and be flexible with others in the locker room. From trading showers with one another and being respectful towards others, not only did I learn how to be kind to others, I began to talk to the other classmates which allowed to get to know a lot people. Since the beginning of the year, I met fascinating people, and made new friends throughout the school year, especially from the swim
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