Cpt112 Unit 2 Assignment 1: User-Based Analysis

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CPT112 Assignment 1: User-Centred Analysis 1 Introduction Spotify is a commercial digital music streaming service that offers two subscription levels: Free and Premium. The Premium service removes ads, provides improved audio quality, and allows offline listening (Spotify Premium, 2016). The service gives you access to more than 30 million songs (Allsopp, 2016), which are available on a variety of devices (computers, smartphones, smart TVs, gaming consoles). Spotify Premium for iOS, version, has been analysed in this report. Spotify is typically used to stream music on your smartphone or computer and has the following features: • Stream and download music on multiple devices • Search for music by artist, album, song, playlist, radio station • Discover new music and browse by genre or mood • See music charts • Listen to Spotify radio • Find playlists curated by Spotify and other users • Create your own playlists • Create your own library • Download songs to listen offline • Sync your library across all devices Spotify has partnered with other applications to provide additional features: • Find concerts for your favourite artists in your area (Songkick) • Share music with your friends (Facebook) • See lyrics for songs as you listen to them (Musixmatch) 2 Analysis Spotify is used by…show more content…
There are a number of other music streaming services in the market, the main competitors being Apple Music and Pandora. The first music streaming service I ever used was Apple Music and the selling point for me was the integration of Apple Music with your existing iTunes library, so you see all your music side-by-side. This functionality was error-prone, as it didn’t allow for cross-device syncing, meaning you have to re-download and recreate your created playlists. This became far too frustrating to deal with (amongst other issues) and so I moved to Spotify. The changeover was almost seamless as the basic structure and design of Apple Music and Spotify are very

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