Crab Vs Lobster

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Crab and Lobster Here we go !! Down the big blue ocean. Where we will be discovering different animals? How a crab and a lobster are different and similar? Both a crab and a lobster have different and similar traits. One similar trait is that both animals are invertebrates. It is amazing how a crab sizes is up to 16 inches. While a lobster’s sizes is up to 3.5 feet long. Lobsters are a ten-legged crustacean, and have poor eyesight. The crab has usually equal sizes claws. This animals also have different diets. Even though both animals are omnivores. They eat different things. A crab eats worms,clams,mussels,snails,sea urchins,sand dollars,barnacles,fish parts, and alge. Lobsters eat clams,mussels,starfish,crabs,and

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