Crabs Dig Holes Analysis

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In the book, “Crabs Dig Holes According to Size of Their Shells” by James McPherson
He talks about his ‘shell” which is his room, and crabs which is himself. The story is mostly about him being alone and him seeming like he is sad about something in life, which brings me to my thought of what his message is. My thought of his message is McPherson’s message is that at one point in life you are going to hit a low in life then develop a shell you want to hide in. My first quote is “Something was denying me peace because I was denying it from range and meaning” To paraphrase the quote the keywords are deny,peace and something. In the quote the word deny means that he is denying his own peace by something in life. In the quote the word peace means
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A profound mystery to me, a koan just how a spring bumblebee had wormed its way into the very center of the sanctuary I had carefully constructed around the very outsides of myself. To Paraphrase the quote, the keywords are construct, way and outsides.
The word construct in quote means that the wall he constructed on his shell had been invaded. The word way in the quote means that the invader found a way through his “shell’ and attacked him. The word outsides in the quote means that around him was a wall and he got
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The word sleep means that he sleeps right through the day to past time. The word christmas means that the holiday we mostly all celebrate is not really celebrated by him. The word alone means that he is lonely most of the time. The quote means that he doesn’t care about his surroundings and the bed in his shell to sleep is more important than a traditional family holiday. The eighth quote is “ they were in terms of the long,hard path I had to walk to this path.
The keywords are long, hard and path. The word long means that it is far to walk to this house. The word hard means that it is apparently difficult to walk to this house. The word path means that it is the route he is taking. The quote means that the shell he built and the magnetic field is stopping him from doing a easy task. The final quote is “besides, my own world, in those days, extended only as far as the mailbox besides my front door, i went back to bed.” The keywords are world, far and bed. The word world means that the world he lives in is his shell. The word far means he only goes as far a the mailbox. The word bed means that the bed is his only place he likes to stay. The quote means that he is shelled up in his room not wanting to go out and take a walk or anything similar to going
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