Crack Drill Squad Character Analysis

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Throughout my life, I have assumed many leaderships roles and positions at home, in school and in athletics. Coming from a family with two brothers, I have had the opportunity to learn and experience both ends of brotherhood. My older brother, Thomas, taught me the ropes of life and how to respect others, regardless of age. Through him, I learned how to lead and was able to build my leadership characteristics with my younger brother. When dealing with younger students at school, or younger teammates on the lacrosse team or hockey teams, I instantly refer to the term “acceptance”. Every adolescent wants to be accepted, most importantly by their older peers. I truly cherish making other kids, especially the younger ones, feel welcome and comfortable in school. On the other hand, I have the ability to take charge of a situation and lead others to the best moral and…show more content…
We are a precision gun drill team that represents Saint Thomas Academy with performances at Twin Cities Catholic schools and veteran homes. Formed in 1937, the with drill with authentic World War I Springfield rifles. We keep the tradition of building a family and a strong environment of brotherhood. Performances consist of tossing, throwing and twirling the eight pound guns with, and round each other. The Crack Drill Squad is the longest lasting drill team in the midwest, and one of the greatest traditions at Saint Thomas Academy, truly animating the school’s motto of Esprit de Corps. The Squad consists of ten seniors, five juniors, and two sophomores. Although very selective, the squad has shown me what true brotherhood really is and what tradition means to the academy. Whether it was countless hours in the school court practicing for a drill, or spending long nights around a campfire at a squad members cabin, brotherhood has truly become a part of me and will carry me through
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