Cracker Barrel Case Study

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make sense from a business perspective? Cracker Barrel fired their LGBT employees because the company was trying to uphold traditional American values on which the country was founded on. Thus, employing LGBT employees did not correspond with their image or values (Cañas 2014). In my opinion, what Dan Evins, the founder of Cracker Barrel, failed to recognize was that even although the company wanted to highlight America’s history and traditions, the company must still follow current day values and rights. America has evolved greatly over the past 100 years, thus, making hiring and firing decision upon old traditions is not logical. To compare, this would be like an adult trying to uphold medieval traditions and to do so, he would use swords in every argument. This is simply not rational because it is not how today 's society operates. A company can highlight old American traditions, but their decision-making processes must be in accordance with today’s values. With that being said, Cracker Barrels rational to fire their LGBT employees does not make logical business sense. In a slight way, I see why Cracker Barrel would fire these employees. Cracker Barrel may want to make their dining experience more theatrical. For instance, when people walk into the restaurant, they want their guest to forget that it is 2018. Thus, employees that are flamboyantly gay do not match the character. However, this restaurant was not the movie or a theatrical organization, they are simply

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