Craft Elements In Aimee Bender's 'The Healer'

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Craft 7: The Healer by Aimee Bender The Healer by Aimee Bender tells the story of two girls: ice girl and fire girl. These two characters although cancel each other out, but on their own, their lives are bound together in a way that one need the other while the second seem like she does not care either way. To bring these characters alive, we have a first-person narrator who I think is the secondary character that helps the story advance and moves the characters around to tell us what is going on in the lives of our characters. This story has crafts elements that make it works. The narrator which play an important part, coupled with the imagery makes the form of the story interesting. First, the reliability of the narrator is the first craft that I think is important in this story. Usually, we have the first person being one of the main characters of the story, but in this case, she is just a secondary character who is kind of the witness of the events of…show more content…
Imagery is one of the crafts that is very well used. I think that as a reader and our culture always view fire as a bad thing because it have the power to destroy a lot on its path such as we see here in the Desert when we have wildlife fires but ice has the opposite effect. It is supposed to bring peace and beauty. At Christmas, many around the world eagerly await snow to fully bring the season of the joy. I think the same is said in this story. Aimee uses the imagery of our perceptions of what we as the reader have the effect of power to help characterize our characters. For the fire girl, she wrote “They put the fire girl in jail. She’s a danger, everyone said, she burns things, she burns people. She likes it.” (125) For the ice girl, things were better. Aimee wrote “She spent most of her non-school time at the hospital, helping sick people. She was a great soother, they said. Her water had healing powers.
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